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How it all started

We frequently get asked the question, "How did you guys even start this?" Most people don't think of "guinea pigs" when they think of an animal shelter. Growing up, Samantha had several animals. Dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs. The works. Her passion was animals. So in 2017, when an old high school friend asked if she would take on two precious piggies due to an allergy, she couldn't turn them away. These girls lit up Sam's world and she remembered how much fun it was to have guinea pigs. 

She began posting pictures of the dynamic duo, and others saw. Someone messaged Samantha, asking if she had considered rescuing guinea pigs. At first, it seemed silly. Guinea pigs? Why do they need rescued??  However, after a bit of research, it became apparent that these poor creatures did, in fact, need help. 

Due to the affordable price of these creatures, people often purchase them without any planning, preparation, or research of any kind. They then discard them after less than a year of owning them due to the amount of cleanup or boredom. Most people either "release them into the wild", which is an immediate death sentence, or they advertise them for free. Unfortunately, these animals are great for large snakes, so snake owners will pray of these posts. 

Additionally, most shelters don't even ACCEPT small animals into their shelter, nor are they equipped to handle them. If they do take them in, they are placed in a small cage or sometimes on the floor in a closet. The are given large dog bowls vs water bottles, and no veggies or hay. We want to team up with these cat & dog shelters to assist in the rescue & re homing of these sweet creatures. 

These Little Guineas was created for the sole purpose of helping animals. Our goal is to build a large place of sanctuary for all small animals, not just furry ones. This community desperately needs this, and we are on a mission to help as best as we can.